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Child care centre snapshot

Coolgardie Children's Centre Corrimal is a long day care centre catering for children aged 0 to 6 years old.
The child care centre is open between 7.30am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday.
Nutritious meals and snacks are provided following Department of Health guidelines and offering choices for children.

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Our child care philosophy

As a provider of care and education for young children we make every effort to create a safe, home-like environment that incorporates interesting and challenging equipment to meet the varying needs of each child. We provide quality care and a stimulating environment. Our aim is to provide a centre where children can participate in age appropriate activities which will aid their development in all areas. Varied experiences aim to foster the self esteem and confidence of all children.

Our child care and preschool program

Our child care and preschool programs include a wide range of experiences, both individual and group. These are based on the children's interests, abilities and needs involving music, language, drawing, painting, puzzles, blocks, collage, cooking, dramatic play, dance and movement. These activities allow ongoing observation and evaluation of each child's progress and they are part of our overall program.

Photos of children enjoying outdoor play at their long day child care centre Coolgardie Children's Centre Corrimal on the South Coast

The centre has received high quality ratings from the National Childcare Accreditation Council and all staff will work towards the regular accreditation reviews where independent reviewers assess the centre on all of its procedures, policies and activities. The centre will be regularly reviewed to ensure that all centre operations meet the new National Quality Standard for Early Childhood Education and Care under the federal government's National Quality Framework (2012).

Licencing reviews will also be carried out regularly by the Community Services Department. These extensive independent reviews will ensure that the centre maintains high standards at all times and in all areas of its operation. The centre now operates under the guidelines of the Education and Care Services National Regulation.

Our child care centre

Has a dedicated, experienced team of teachers and child care workers.
An extensive selection of high quality educational equipment.
Wheelchair access to centre and associated facilities.
An excellent staff/child ratio of approximately 1/5 for all age groups for the majority of each day.
Fully equipped kitchen and bottle preparation areas.
Two separate, well-equipped cot rooms.
Three separate activity areas to cater for different age and developmental groups.
Close proximity to schools, shops and transport.
Three excellent outdoor activity areas with extensive rubber soft fall and separate 0-2 play area for gross motor activities.
Government Child Care Benefit

Children in long day care at Coolgardie Child Care Centre Corrimal on the South Coast

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